Facebook Testing a New Ad Format?

I was browsing through my Facebook News Feed last night when I noticed something new.

No, not the Oculus Rift, I’ve heard of that before. What I’m talking about is the way the ad looks.

Could Facebook be testing a new ad format?

Here is what I know so far regarding this ad:

  1. There is no page associated with the ad. This is interesting as ads without a page are usually only eligible to show on the right column.
  2. There are no engagement options. No “Likes”, “Reactions”, or “Shares”
  3. I hadn’t been researching the Oculus Rift so I’m fairly certain it’s not a remarketing ad.


That’s pretty much all I know at the moment, but I am doing research to see what I can find and will update this post as I get new information. If you know more about this ad, please leave a comment below!

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