Frequently asked questions

Do you work with new businesses?

Yes, small businesses are my favorite businesses to work with. I love being able to help a business build a solid foundation for their marketing from the onset.

Do I have to get locked into a contract?

No, I don’t require any businesses to sign long-term contracts for my services. All my contracts are by the month or project based.

How much do I have to spend on ads?

You can get started with online advertising for as little as $300/month, though I usually recommend businesses start around $500/month.

How much does management cost?

Management of an ad account is a flat $599/month. If you’re a small business just getting started in digital advertising, I have Digital Ad Startup package that get’s you everything you need to start.

You can see a full list of pricing over at the Pricing Page.

Do you do consulting?

Yes, for businesses that have one off projects such as a landing page audit or help setting up their ad account, I offer consulting. Full pricing rates can be found at the Pricing Page.