Why are you a business owner?

My guess is you started your business because it relates to something you love. Personally, I love helping local businesses find success through digital advertising. Maybe for you, it’s that you love making things with your hands or you love helping families plan for the future. I want to help you get back to your passion by taking the burden of managing your online advertising off your shoulders.

“Google is so big, won’t it be expensive?”

This is a good question to have if you’re a local business owner. The answer to this question is a little tricky, though and to answer it, we need to dive into how advertising is sold with Google Ads. When you buy advertising on Google, you’re not just buying a placement like you would in a newspaper or billboard. Instead, you’re bidding on a keyword at the exact moment someone is making a search on Google. Your bid goes up against the other businesses trying to buy that keyword and Google’s auction algorithm takes everything relating to your ad into consideration and decides who wins the auction and at which price.

(The whole process is pretty intense, but if you’d like to learn more, I suggest watching this video.)

The key parts to take into consideration are¬†your competition, your bid, your landing page (website), and your ad. Luckily, since you’re a local business that’s advertising to the local community, you¬†shouldn’t have too many other companies bidding against you. Your bid can be set as low or as high as you want and your landing page should already be built out. That leaves the ad which can be pretty tricky to get right. You want to make sure you’re using the right language with the right keywords to resonate with your right audience at the right time. That is what I love doing and that’s why I started this business.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you reach your audience using Google Ads, contact me.