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When Ad s Go Too Far

I was recently doing some research for a client and found myself on the Better Homes & Garden website. As soon as the page started loading, I knew I was in for a special ad experience. Once the page had finally loaded all of the advertisements (which took around 10 seconds), I counted 7 different ads just above the fold. (One was a pop-up that I instinctively closed before it could finish loading.) Please also notice that the ad at the top of the page covers a significant portion of the navigation bar as well. Maybe things will get better as I scroll down…

poor ad experience

Nope! If you begin to scroll down the page, you get to see a list of sponsored products and then an overlay ad that lets you claim a “Limited Time Only!” offer from Better Homes & Gardens. “ALL 3 MAGAZINES” for just $10. I’m sold. I only hope they continue this trend in their magazines and place ads over their content.

poor ad experience

If you’re keeping score, that’s 8 ads, 3 of which were obstructing the content on the site that I actually wanted to read. That doesn’t include the row of sponsored products wedged into the middle of the post. If you want to have ads on your blog, that’s fine; please make sure they don’t interfere with a user’s ability to read the content you’re producing. Ideally, you want your user’s ad experience to enhance their overall visit, and at a minimum, you should at least aim to not hinder the experience.

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